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David Vlasic

David is Efront's founding director and is the oldest person in the studio. His midlife crisis, now in its 12th year, will see David take up skateboarding. This combined with his love for full body lycra has many here concerned, but not at all surprised. He's a father, try hard triathlete and 'long sightedness' denier.

Paul Borella

Paul is our New Business Director. When he's not overseas, he's either interstate, at a party, hosting a party or asleep. He is very proud of his taste in fashion and truly believes safari suits will be huge this Spring Carnival. He loves a good chocolate eclair - but must be kept away from coffee at all costs. Paul is loved by all.

Darren Hatty

Darren's a director and has a passion for small cars. He knows more about AFL than anyone else in the studio - he even knows what the "L" stands for. You may recognise Darren from some of his modelling gigs, like the guys pushing the wheelbarrow in the Home Hardware ad back in 2002. Darren's favourite weapon of choice is his baby blue shirt.

Lee Topham

Lee is our general manager. When things get tough, Lee’s the cool head that the team turn to and some say it may be easier to describe what Lee doesn’t do at Efront. She’s got extensive corporate business experience and her people management skills second to none. The nice thing about Lee, is that despite her rock-solid capability and age, she’s always a pleasure to work with.

Dan Gibney

Dan is our Digital Marketing Lead and when it comes to digital strategy, Dan is the man. We've learned quite quickly that his approach to shorts is quite simply "shock and awe" - and it's not that cute puppy "awww" but more the kind of gut-wrenching "ohhh" when watching a gymnastics fail on youtube. He may also be colour blind.

Nicky Deev

Nicky or Nicole as she prefers not to be known, is an account manager extraordinaire. She's the Clark Kent in our office, very handsome and loves nothing more than busting through a roadblock. She's a design graduate who is a nerd at heart. After 2 years, Nicole's still laughs at some of our jokes - still mainly David's. She works really hard and doesn't complain when we play 80's music (what she calls Jazz).

Britt Doherty

Britt is an experienced digital project manager with a marketing background. Some say her secret weapon in getting over project hurdles is her height, but we know she's just good at getting things done. When she's not streamlining user journeys, she probably playing with her two gorgeous pups.


Karl Ervine

Karl annoys most people in the office, it's his gift. Having been a lecturer at Victoria University, he knows how to dish out the homework and handle hecklers. While his chest dips in the gym could do with a lot more work, Karl's no lightweight when it comes to code. His dreamy Harry Potter glasses round out the Karl story, he's the complete package.

Steve Campbell

Steve loves a challenge. Run a half marathon with no training? No problem. Live on an island making sure hatchling turtles get to the ocean, sure, why not. He gave up nasi goreng for a whole year - amazing. That's Steve. Affectionately known as "The Stav", he's a professional prankster, and what's best, he's now gluten free. As part of the development team, you're in good hands when you work with "The Stav". 

George Haritonidis

George is married and lists one of his interests as retrocomputing.  We can only assume that this is to avoid unnecessary attention from the ladies - mission accomplished. George has re-discovered his passion for cycling and lycra, which indicates level two mid life crisis in progress. He also has an outstanding sense of humour.

Michael Wszelaki

As part of the development team, Michael is proud to have the most significant facial hair. You'll often find him doing illustrations at the lunch table.  No one has ever seen any of his work, but we assume it's awesome as he never uses an eraser.

David Burns

AKA David Jnr, joined the development team in early 2016, bringing with him a cutting edge taste in fashion, fine vegetarian food and what he calls 'bangers' (we call it music). The only thing he loves more than Game of Thrones is talking about Game of Thrones. He also loves cheese and believes cheese loves him.

Peader Thomas

He's a quiet achiever in the development team who knows how to bake a very mean biscuit. He draws what he likes to call "illustrations" (a fancy word for pictures), and he's pretty good, but we would never tell him that. Peader is another member of the ever growing bicycle gang, but he's a 'shorts over lycra' kind of guy. His modesty is valued and appreciated.

Ruben Ahlhaus

Ruben doesn't travel well, mainly due to his piercings and security restrictions. He's a quiet achiever having started with Efront as a developer on an intern program. He's young, cluey and pretty tall. 

Felicity Lemke

Felicity's name is hard to say, so she is known as Flick. She is the pixel police at Efront and makes sure everything design-related is perfect for our clients. As the youngest member of our team, she spends most of her time rolling her eyes at our attempts to be cool. That's a lot of eye-rolling.