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David Vlasic

David is Efront's founding director and is the oldest person in the studio. His midlife crisis, now in its 12th year, will see David take up skateboarding. This combined with his love for full body lycra has many here concerned, but not at all surprised. He's a father, try hard triathlete and 'long sightedness' denier.

Paul Borella

Paul is our New Business Director. When he's not overseas, he's either interstate, at a party, hosting a party or asleep. He is very proud of his taste in fashion and truly believes safari suits will be huge this Spring Carnival. He loves a good chocolate eclair - but must be kept away from coffee at all costs. Paul is loved by all.

Darren Hatty

Darren's a director and has a passion for small cars. He knows more about AFL than anyone else in the studio - he even knows what the "L" stands for. You may recognise Darren from some of his modelling gigs, like the guys pushing the wheelbarrow in the Home Hardware ad back in 2002. Darren's favourite weapon of choice is his baby blue shirt.

Lee Topham

Lee is our general manager. When things get tough, Lee’s the cool head that the team turn to and some say it may be easier to describe what Lee doesn’t do at Efront. She’s got extensive corporate business experience and her people management skills second to none. The nice thing about Lee, is that despite her rock-solid capability and age, she’s always a pleasure to work with.

Nicky Deev

Nicky is our senior account manager. She's the Clark Kent in our office, very handsome and loves nothing more than busting through a roadblock. She's a design graduate who is a nerd at heart. After 4 years, Nicole still laughs at some of our jokes - still mainly David's. She works really hard and doesn't complain when we play 80's music (what she calls Jazz).

Felicity Lemke

Felicity's name is hard to say, so she is known as Flick.  She's a design graduate who has an eye for detail and knows how to deliver excptional projects for our clients.  That's why she's a star account manager. As one of the youngest members of our team, she spends most of her time rolling her eyes at our attempts to be cool. That's a lot of eye-rolling.

Shaun Rammers

We generally try to avoid anyone who likes Jazz, play Jazz, and that’s a whole other level. So when we hired a Jazz Saxophonist, you know they must be awesome. Shaun joins the Account Management team, and if his music skills are half as good as his service skills, we may need to change our tune on the whole Jazz thing.

Jas Fitzpatrick

Jas is a country girl from Ballarat who's living the big city dream. Her mad design skills are only eclipsed by that sweet smile. Even though her singing is best described as offensive, we still see her as our real life Elsa of Arendelle.

Steve Campbell

Steve loves a challenge. Run a half marathon with no training? No problem. Live on an island making sure hatchling turtles get to the ocean, sure, why not. He gave up nasi goreng for a whole year - amazing. That's Steve. Affectionately known as "The Stav", he's a professional prankster, and what's best, he's now gluten free. As part of the development team, you're in good hands when you work with "The Stav". 

George Haritonidis

George is married and lists one of his interests as retrocomputing.  We can only assume that this is to avoid unnecessary attention from the ladies - mission accomplished. George has re-discovered his passion for cycling and lycra, which indicates level two mid life crisis in progress. He also has an outstanding sense of humour.

Peader Thomas

He's a quiet achiever in the development team who knows how to bake a very mean biscuit. He draws what he likes to call "illustrations" (a fancy word for pictures), and he's pretty good, but we would never tell him that. Peader is another member of the ever growing bicycle gang, but he's a 'shorts over lycra' kind of guy. His modesty is valued and appreciated.

Ruben Ahlhaus

Ruben is affectionately known as Rhubarb. He doesn't travel well, mainly due to his piercings and security restrictions. He's a quiet achiever, having started with Efront as a developer on an intern program and hasn't aged a day since. He loves a good lego and has a pretty nasty gif game on the Slack chats.

Alfredo Mendoza Contreras

Alfredo, originally from Mexico (Mehico), joined the development team during lock down and has not wasted any time correcting our pronunciation of Fajitas (FaJeeTas). He's a real gentleman, who loves photography, dancing and conversations in Spanish with David (mainly about salsa).

Luke Ketchen

It’s not often you meet someone who is so proud of their legs. Luke is originally a Ballarat boy who we can only assume, has fallen in love with Melbourne’s balmy weather, and has decided to wear shorts all year round. As disturbing as this is, Luke makes up for his fashion blindspot with his coding and outstanding service skills. He’s our gentle giant and makes a mean jerky.

Ranjan Chandel

Ranjan made a big first impression on his first day. He brought in his own illuminated mouse like a chef brings his own knives to the job. He trusts no one, probably because we keep touching his mouse - we're really fascinated by its beauty. Aside from the lack of trust and weird mouse, he's a really nice guy.

Jake Varrese

Jake is the most polite person in the studio, it's so annoying and makes writing this bio really hard. Despite eating pasta EVERY day and falling in love with fresh market donuts - his pants size has remained the same. He's everyone's favourite, especially when he comes back from the market.